My couples want a story that is classic in style, yet fresh!

I say do away with the same old, same old.
Let's make photos that are creatively you.

Let's make art, take that risk, be authentically you! I will be there to capture it all. Remember the love, relive the joys of your day over and over. 


creating timeless, intimate and authentic memories. For couples that value love

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Five years ago, I was blessed to have a daughter! Let me tell you, I was excited! If it wasn't for her, my life could’ve gone in a completely different direction. I wanted to document daily life with her, so I bought my first camera. 

Now years later, I am here documenting real moments and the love on your wedding day!

the artist

Hello, I'm Josh Reyes, I'm glad you're here!


Your wedding experience is truly important. That’s why we need to make sure I'm the right choice for you!

Getting beautiful images is a guarantee but we also need to have a bit of fun! Contact me, so I can show you what I'm all about!

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